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Eruption on Stromboli

The Island of Lipari is a great starting point and base for volcano enthusiasts, climbers and volcanologists. You have a lot of craters in the Aeolian Islands and four active volcanoes at a short distance:

  1. The great volcano system Mount Etna on Sicily (Click for Webcam)
  2. The very unique Stromboli black island (Click for Webcam)
  3. The dormant big crater on the Vulcano island (Click for Webcam)
  4. A new submarine gas crater in the Panarea archipelago

All the Aeolian islands are old volcanoes and several of them can be visited, as the main crater of Salina and the crater of Monte Sant'Angelo in Lipari, now a big rain water collecting station.

The documentation of our volcanoes is widespread on Internet. Click here for a Google search. But we especcially want to recommend a visit to Stromboli Online on Stromboli online offers a very professional documentation available in several languages, with photos and panoramic virtual toors.

Click here to look on the virtual panorama tour from Monte Pelato on Lipari offered by Esemar.

More valuable volcano documentation is to be found at:

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Panorama from Vulcano: Vulcanello, Lipari and the high twin craters of Salina
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Pimpstone mine on Lipari
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West twin volcano on Salina
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Stromboli island
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On the way up on Stromboli
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The Stromboli lava flow
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The island of Vulcano viewed from Lipari . Sunny winter days you are able to see Mount Etna with snow on the top beyond the island of Vulcano.
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The crater of Vulcano
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Walking down into the crater of Vulcano
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