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Punta castagna
zoomPunta Castagna. A dive in unreal scenery, a platform at 10 metres, completely covered with white pumice that originates from the pumice mines above, and reminds us of a snow covered roof-top in a skiing resort. From there down to the depths, run steep channels. Following one of these, we go from a white to multi-coloured scenery, a vertical cliff that runs towards the out of sight navy blue sea floor. Ideal depth: 10 metres min - 40 metres max. Difficulty: challenging.

Pietra del Bagno
zoomA beautiful dive , where we circumnavigate the rock. For divers of all levels, with multi-coloured rock faces, and interesting sea life. Ideal depth: 10 metres min - 40 metres max. Difficulty: medium easy.



Capo Grosso
zoomA dive down a beautiful perfectly vertical rock face, which from the surface, stops on the sandy bottom at 50 metres. Ideal depth: 20 metres min -40 metres max. Difficulty: medium easy.

Scoglio Quaglietto
This is one of the nicest dives that the island of Vulcano has to offer. From the walls of the rock, to the inside of the grotto where there is a statue of the Madonna and a large quantity of shrimp. Ideal depth: 20 metres min -30 metres max. Difficulty: medium easy.

La parete della Sirenetta
zoomThe dive takes place down a beautiful vertical rock face, the edge of which starts at 16 metres and goes down to a depth of 47 metres, and on a plateau with the edge of the rock face on one side, and the cliff face of the island on the other, near the rock called The Sirenetta. Between the cliff face and the plateau are many sulphur fumaroles, which colour the surrounding sand yellow and red. Ideal depth: 20 metres min -40 metres max. Difficulty: medium- challenging.

Capo Testa Grossa
Observing Testa Grosso from the sea, we notice that it is a solid headland that finishes in a wall that goes down into the sea with a north-south direction. The dive starts from the bay to the north of the headland, right next to the rock. In the bay the rock goes straight down forming a vertical face where we find sponge colonies. If we carry on we come to the most interesting part of the dive. The rock face is full of nooks and crannies which go down to a depth of over 50 metres.

La franata dell'arcipelago
zoomThis dive is in the channel between the island of Vulcano and Lipari. The point of entry is easy to find. There are two big hotels built right on the cliffs of Vulcanello. We start in front of the space between the hotels. The sea bed goes down gradually and forms a plateau at a depth of between 3 and 10 metres, covered with loose rocks and seaweed. We move towards the island of Lipari until we come to a steep decline, where between 10 and 20 metres there is a landslide area made up of a small rocks. As we go deeper to a depth of between 35 and 45 metres, the rocks get larger and larger and the dive is very interesting.


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